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Torrance California Lena Hernandez,Police ID Woman In Racist Tirade; Hundreds Descend On|2020-06-15

Lena Hernandez - Torrance Karen Bio, Age, Family, Racial ...

Thursday’s video was originally submitted to Twitter by Brendon McNerney.“Go back to whatever (expletive) Asian country you fit in in, ” the think is heard shouting within the video.Pat Park in Torrance.Lena is from Long Beach, Ca.Inside the first, a young woman was working out in Wilson Park.Who is we don’t want an individual here what is she speaking about ok I get it she is talking regarding the KKK that is that she is talking concerning.

Police ID Woman In Racist Tirade; Hundreds Descend On ...

“I play games where you get f*d to dying, ” Torrance Karen claims, before returning in the woman car.“Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated.Many people seem to be not aware fo the real dealings regarding the Texas Rangers.One more video of her racially attacking a man at a parking lot leaked as well and netizens discovered this was the same woman.This is certainly from my government.The Tennessee-based TeamHealth, a system of hospitals in the state.

Torrance Tirade: Woman Seen In Anti-Asian Rant On Video ...

“Who wears black in California sun? Who the (expletive) wears black?” the woman said.2786 de forest avenue.Other times during the video, the girl made physical threats.The girl, identified as Lena Hernandez, is over Twitter since of the videos.@Anthony R.“Public safety is a high priority in the City of Torrance,” Furey said.On the see day, June 12, 2020, she was involved with another racial tirade using a man who works since legal counsel and had children in his car.“A lot of this might possibly not rise to the level of a crime, and yet, some of it may,” Berg said, explaining authorities will review whether local, state or federal crimes were committed.

Torrance Tirade: Woman Seen In Anti-Asian Rant On Video ...

(That, of course, doesn't alleviate or excuse the damage she gets caused to other folks, I know, although the next (lawyer) seems mildly amused by the exchange.Terms of hate cuts deeply into minorities soul.The Police is in it.One example of the violence plus brutality of the Arizona Rangers may be the Texas area of Porvenir.Invective over the video motivated hundreds to come away to Wilson Park Friday to exercise and display signs decrying racism.

Torrance Police Identify Woman In Racist, Anti-Asian ...

He also took video from the confrontation, which showed the girl also hurling expletives in him and mocking Chinese language accents.Salminoa said the woman physically attacked her and yelled racist remarks.— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) June 10, 2020. Somehow it's not her fault to end up being a terrible human appearing.1 day agoLena Hernandez has been identified as the ‘Torrance Karen’ who is subject to a racial tirade on an Asian lady named Sherry while she was exercising on the stairs in Wilson Park in a viral video on June 10th, 2020.Copyright laws.Authorities are asking anyone who else may have come into get in touch with with Hernandez to make contact with the authorities.

Torrance Police Identify Woman In Racist, Anti-Asian ...

This is not your place, this is usually not your home.“Karens” Kannot be Kontained.A single user, Kayceelyn Salminao says the lady attacked her back again inforcing him to document a police report owing to a physical strike.Police have described Hernandez to be suspected of hateful conversation and assault.Sure, statues are one method to preserve history.Actually her looks is not necessarily American.military personnel and white nearby ranchers to devastate Horizontes.I actually good slap in that will pillow face is just what she needs, I would like to meet a Karen some day.We read this comment although high 💀 💀 💀 💀 💀.

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